Current Material Selection for Design Partners:
Stator & rotor material selection

  • Electrical steel with high magnetic flux density
  • Self-bonded electrical steel
  • Grain boundary diffusion magnet
  • High Temp. Magnet Selection (ex. 150°C)
  • Magnet without Heavy Rare earth

  • Insulation material selection
    • Material Analysis Laboratory- XRD, ICP, XRF, TMA, SEM, etc.


    Design Validation Support:
    As an OEM, we also provide FAE service for below items
    Simulation Capabilites :

  • Electromagnetic
  • Thermal
  • Structural
  • Stress
  • 3D moldeling
  • SMT & Vacuum Reflow

    SMT (J-STD-001 & IPC-A-610 Standard):
    Our experience is in high power application such as automotive powertrain system. We are your reliable partner in surface mount technology assembly.
    Our engineers have been more than 20 years experience and we take pride in our work. Although the equipment and processes have changed over these years, one thing has not – our commitment to your project.
    Today, we utilize state-of-the-art, fully automated placement equipment to quickly and accurately assemble SMT PCB (printed circuit board) assemblies.

    Motor & Controller Integration

    Integrating motor and controller together is the trend due to higher power density and shorter BOM list.
    We help our partners to customize power inverter into a module rather discrete solution in order to shrink the size of the system:

  • Co-design project for various applications
  • Innovative technology to solve heat, IP level, vibratation, etc.
  • Motor winding & assembly is also welcome
  • Testing

    Complete verification capabilites included :
    Dynamometer Laboratory

  • Speed up to 20000 rpm and torque over 226 Nm.
  • Automated control, monitoring and data acquisition with torque/speed profile.
  • Environmental testing with PLC. Temp. range from -40 to 120 oC, Humidity range from 30 to 95 %
  • Motorcycle Riding Dynamometer Laboratory
  • Electric & magnetic testing
  • Power Analyzer, LCR meter, BH-tracer, etc.