High Frequency & Hermetic Package

Sentec provides LTCC substrate that can be used under highly hermetic circumstances.
The hermetic level of 5.0 x 10-8Pa x m3/sec is assured through helium leak testing.
Also, Sentec offers Hybrid Solution thru. Interconnection Technology for high frequency application:

  • Low Loss LTCC with Electro Casting Copper Metallization+ Multi-Layer LTCC + AlN with Electro Casting Copper Metallization
  • Low Loss LTCC with Electro Casting Copper Metallization + Standard LTCC
  • Low Loss LTCC with Electro Casting Copper Metallization + Non-Shrinkage LTCC
  • Photonic & Thermal Electric

    ECC (Electro Casting Copper) is an excellent choice for high power, high temperature applications. ECC technology could be applied on:

  • Various ceramic materials such as Al2O3, AlN,etc. are available.
  • Ultra thin ceramic substrate thickness of 0.2 mm is available.
  • Either single or double plating with via or without via design are applicable.
  • Power Electronics

    With high conductivity substrate and high reliability, Sentec offer three solutions:

  • 90 W/m'k & 130 W/m'K AMB SiN
  • Ultra Thin Al2O3/ZrO DBC (>800Mpa) Ceramic
  • 170W/m'k ECC AlN
  • Ceramic in Board
  • Interposer & Heterogeneous

    Sentec provides multilayer ceramic substrates, with multilayer thin-film metallization for wafer probe cards.

    Turnkey Semiconductor Module Packaging OEM

    Sentec offers turnkey solutions for module assembly. Depending on the nature of the project, we can perform:
    Level 1 & 2 Packaging

  • SMT & Vacuum Reflow
  • Die Bond: Solder, Au/Sn or Ag sintering
  • Wire or Ribbon Bond & Cu Clip
  • Flip Chip: GGI, C4
  • Hermetic Sealing (Au/Sn)
  • Encapsulation (Potting & Molding)
  • Dicing Saw Singulation

  • Application
  • SiP/MCM Module
  • Hermetic Sealing Module(GaN MMIC)
  • Power Semiconductor Module(Si, GaN & SiC power device)
  • Heterogenous Module