SENTEC Achieves LEED Silver Certification for Longtan R&D Complex

信通公司是一家重視環保和能源效率並積極實踐綠色智能產業的公司,其研發綜合大樓建成於2023年,在建造伊始就致力於實踐綠色永續理念,信通公司龍潭研發綜合大樓在2024年5月獲得了美國綠色建築協會(U.S. Green Building Council,USGBC)能源與環境先導設計認證v 4.1版本新建築類別設計及施工(Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design v4.1 for Building Design and Construction,LEED BD+C)銀級認證。 信通公司龍潭研發綜合大樓從設計規劃到施工管理,設置地下雨水滯洪池以降低地表逕流量至少90%;選擇耐旱植物,使用回收雨水澆灌;使用高效率節能衛生設備及使用回收水供沖廁;使用本地建材及使用含回收成分建材;整體節能優於一般建築節能達29%。 未來持續往2050年淨零排放(NET ZERO)、ESG永續發展之路邁進。
SENTEC is committed to environmental protection and energy efficiency, actively implementing green and intelligent industry practices. The company's R&D complex in Longtan, built in 2023, embodies sustainable development principles from its inception. In May 2024, the Longtan R&D Complex received the LEED v4.1 Silver Certification for Building Design and Construction from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC). The Longtan R&D Complex incorporates several sustainable features from design to construction management. These include an underground rainwater detention basin to reduce surface runoff by at least 90%, drought-tolerant plants irrigated with recycled rainwater, high-efficiency energy-saving sanitary equipment using recycled water for flushing, and the use of local and recycled building materials. Overall, the energy efficiency of the building is 29% better than standard buildings. SENTEC continues to advance towards net-zero emissions by 2050 and the path of sustainable development in line with ESG principles.