ESG: 2024 Sentec Beach Cleanup at Yongan Fishing Harbor – Protecting the Ocean for a Sustainable Future

為實現環境永續發展的目標,信通積極履行企業社會責任,倡導針對環境、社會及企業治理準則 (ESG)的管理。 信通為善盡企業社會責任,自2020年起投入公益淨灘活動,至今已邁入第4年。 今年(2024)5月18日(六)上午,信通公司由黃總經理帶領57位員工及家屬於桃園新屋永安漁港進行淨灘,同心協力撿拾了約 70公斤的塑膠品、寶特瓶、廢棄物、塑膠微粒等海漂垃圾。 企業淨灘活動,除了讓員工能理解信通對於環境的關懷,並意識到每個人不只是撿垃圾,也要減少垃圾的製造量,從生活到工作上都能落實環境永續的理念,讓環境變好、員工幸福、企業永續,創造人、企業與環境的三贏局面。

SENTEC is committed to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility, promoting ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles. Since 2020, SENTEC has been organizing annual beach cleanups. On May 18, 2024, General Manager Huang led 57 employees and their families to Yongan Fishing Harbor in Taoyuan for a cleanup. Together, they collected about 70 kilograms of plastic waste, bottles, and other litter. These activities help employees understand SENTEC's environmental commitment and highlight the importance of reducing waste. By integrating sustainable practices into daily life and work, Sentec aims to improve the environment, enhance employee well-being, and ensure long-term company sustainability, creating a win-win situation for all.